Events Strategy - 'All Right?' Campaign

We like to call ourselves engagement specialists, and this project shows how we have helped build a genuine conversation around wellbeing for the Christchurch District Health Board and Mental Health Foundation's pioneering campaign - 'All Right?'.

The task was to develop and events strategy to help Cantabrians lead their own wellbeing through experiences. We recommended small guerrilla moments - small stunts that show others how to share the love are recorded and then shared to help develop a conversation via social media. Who could ask for more rewarding and fun work?

Woods From the Trees - Regan Gentry Public Art Project

Call us mad - we're on a quest to enable New Zealand's best artists to bring great art to Christchurch as its central city rebuilds with a new identity. Sculptor Regan Gentry was brave enough to work with us.  We liked his idea, went out and got the funding, created some hype and ownership from the city through PR and a crowd funding campaign, and now he just has to make the work!

Woods from the Trees will stand tall on the corner of High and Tuam Streets - made from rimu wood salvaged from earthquake-damaged houses. Stay with us for the inaugural tree planting sometime at the end of July 2014.

Christchurch Art Gallery Foundation Dinner #2 (2014)

Christchurch Art Gallery's Foundation are on a roll. They've just hosted their second mid-winter gala dinner (even though the Gallery remains closed thanks to earthquake repairs).  This time, it continued with the simple model of inviting an artist to theme the room and chefs complimenting the food with their food.  You couldn't have asked for a better combo than three super stars visiting from Europe - NZ artist Bill Culbert - bringing function and light to the evening, and chef superstar duo, Fergus and Margot Henderson (from Restaurant St John and Rochelle Canteen fame) bringing their simplistic, fresh and 'whack' food to town.

Back the Bull- Christchurch Art Gallery Trust

Brown Bread loves impossible projects. At the end of 2012 the Christchurch community had made repeated requests for the city to buy an important artwork that had resonated with how the city was feeling post the earthquakes. With infrastructure and wellbeing being the city's firm priorities, Christchurch Art Gallery Trust contracted Brown Bread to bring Michael Parekowhai's 'Chapman's Homer' back to Christchurch for good. Check out how we did it ...